Bell sia n
About to jawn:)15weeks Lovely!!
MR Tumnus 15 weeks
He is for sale sia b 21 SOLD
Lufsen Sia b TINGAD!!Reserved
Just woke up ,He is so lovely and kind purrs lot !!!He is for sale as a pet!!!
Lufsen 12/8 Tingad!!
Bell 13 weeks
LOVELY!!! Midgårdskattens Magic Bell Sia n SHE Is staying with us!!
Sorry bad picture again of LUFSEN
Midgårdskattens Maffiga Lufs Sia b He has a tiny tailfault and will be sold as a pet only..13 weeks
Tumnus 13 weeks Sia b 21
Midgårdskattens Mr Tumnus Siab 21.A very playful little boy!!His ears is high set at the moment ..I think they will come down when he´s older..
Bell is staying!!
Bell is staying with us mum is Yaira and dad is TC
Maffiga Lufsen siab
Mr Tumnus siab21