2 Males ..Both sold

Klabbharpan 10 weeks !! SOLD !!!

Klabbharpan 10 weeks !! Sold

Availible to a longlasting home..!!

Rosanisse 10 weeks !! Booked !!Reserved !!

Rosanisse 12/8 TINGAD !!!

Family 12/8

Rosanisse Sia d 12/8 9 weeks

...He is so special!!! He has found his new home..

Klabbharpan sia b 9 weeks !!!

Looking for a longlasting home!!!!!!

Rosanisse Sia d

I want to keep him but I don´t think I can..

Klabbharpan Sia n? maby b

He was sleeping when I took the picture:)

Redpoint male 3 weeks !!

Mum is Yahtzees Cosmic girl and Dad is Mafdet Torchwood..
So lovely maby for sale..

Sealpoint male 3 weeks

He is very lovely and will be for sale..