Midgårdskattens Yaira kawaii Sia f 21

Born 2008 12 06 After GIC Okonor Kobold and Yahtzee´s Cosmic Girl My little princess!!!

Yaira 12/8 2010

Princess Yaira 14/1 -10

Yaira 14/1 -10

Yaira 14/1_10

Longnecked Yaira !!

Photo taken today 28/6 -09

Yaira BIS junior 6-7 Juni 09

Our little princess!!!She is soooo kind and qute!!In the panel on the show BIS both day´s on her first shows:):)

True beuty!!!

I love you Yaira!!!The whole family does!!YAIRA Got BIS Junior in Gävle in September!!!!In hard competition!!!!

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