The whole bunch!!

Sealpoint male

sealpoint girl

Choklad tortie girl 3 1/2 weeks

sealpoint boy

red point boy.. He is purring and licking my sons fingers:) Maby we will call him Spirit of Hokkaido !!

redpoint male

Choklade point male sorry bad photo..

Littel sealboy so qute!!4 1/2 weeks

same sealboy..

Choklad boy 4 1/2 weeks

Choklad boy again

Smallest sealboy 4 1/2 weeks

sealboy again

Biggest red boy 4 1/2 weeks


choklad toirtie girl 4 1/2 weeks

Little girl again!!

seal girl 4 1/2 weeks

Brown girl again

smallest red boy 4 1/2


Brown male 7 weeks

The other brown(seal) boy in front and the brown girl in the back 7 weeks

Choklad boy 7 weeks!!!Sooo quddly!!

Choklad girl 7 weeks

The red boy´s..The boy in front is better showcat ..7 weeks


Midgårdskattens Sechin Hokkaido Sia d 11 weeks maby availible

Also Hokkaido 11 weeks

Kintaro Sia d male availible Junai Yemon Sia n male reserved

Daigoro Sia n male reserved

Junai sleeping

Tayo Shiro Sia b 11 weeks availible just for pet very very kind boy purring all the time!!!!

Hochi Tamashi Sia b female maby availible not sure...Very nice little lady!!

Daigoro and Shiro


Tamashi 10 weeks..

Junai 12 weeks

Daigoro 12 weeks

one bunch 12 weeks:)

Kintaro 12 weeks

Seichin Hokkaido 12 weeks

a bunch of red and choklad:) 12 weeks

12 weeks

So sweet Junai (Junai means true love)

Choklad female Hochi Tamachi 12 weeks 28/6 09

Choklad male Tayo Shiro 12 weeks

We have 7 beutiful siamesekittens Between GB Mafdet Tourchwood Sia b
and Yahzees Cosmic Girl Sia f 2 redpoint males 2 sealpoint males 1 choklad point male 1 Choklad female 1 Seal female