15/4-08 föddes våran 3dje Siameskull Mamma e Cosmica Yahtzee´s Cosmic Girl Pappa e Merlin Fire and Ice First Choise..Vi kommer eventuellt att behålla en..Men de andra blir till salu..Här kommer du att kunna följa ungarnas utveckling..Bilder från dag 1!!

Här e dom kullen som va så efterlängtad..2 honor o 2 hanar!!
Hona 1 så söt hennes svärta e lite ljusare än hona 2..
Hona 2 så söt det var lite svårt att fota:)
Hane 1 2 veckor gammal!!!!
Hane 2 igen 2veckor gammal
Hane 2
Hane 2
Hona 1 ,2 veckor gammal Lila eller Chokladmaskad
Hona 1 profilbild 2 veckor!!
Hona 1 Ursäkta att det blev lite suddigt
Hona 2 Skölpaddsmaskad 2 veckor gammal Brunskölpadd tror jag..
Hona 2 Förföriska fröken!!!
Hona 2 ,2 veckor gammal
Cosmica tittar upp!!!!
Mammas tutte smakar gott!!!!9/9
Male 1 3 1/2 v Red point siamese So nice and cool!!
Male 1 3 1/2 v
Male 1 and mum!!
Male 1 3 1/2 v
Male 1
Male 2 Red point siamese 3 1/2 weeks old!!!
Male 2 in front!!
Male 2
Male 2
Male 2
Female 1 (Lilac point I think)3 1/2 week I think I´m going to keep her!!!
Female 1
Female 1
Female 1
Female 2 Seal Tortie point 3 1/2 weeks old purring very much already!!
Female2 I think she has a very nice top!!
Female 2
Female 2
Proud Mum!!!
Proud mum and female1
Male 1 ,,5 weeks
Male 1 5 weeks It´s hard to take photos now..!!
Female 2 5 weeks old
Female 2 talking to the camera!!5 weeks old
Female 1 5 weeks old
Female 1 5 weeks
Male 2 5 weeks old ..How do I get down from here mum???????
IN ACTION!!! Female 1 Male 1 We haven´t disided there names yet!!!
Male 1 Now goes by the name Aslan!!!He is so good in everything just that the ears is high set..:(
Aslan hanging on me outside for the first time 8 weeks old!!Afraid but fun:)
Aslan 8 weeks..I like him so much!!!
Aslan 8 weeks
Aslan 8 weeks
Male 2 8 weeks now goes by the name Yoda!!So kind boy that purrs and talks a lot and wants to be taken!!
Yoda in a box 8 weeks
Sweet Yoda 8 weeks
Female 1 8 weeks now goes by the name Shady Lady!!We are going to keep her!!!!So kind and qute!!!I´m not sure of her colour yet choklad I know but maby maby a tortie??
Shady Lady 8 weeks Our little Princess!!!
Shady Lady just woke up!!
Female 2 8 weeks now goes by the name Jojo Jolin
Jolin after playing 8 weeks
Jolin is so friendly cuddly and purrs a LOT!!Like her mum!!!
Jolin qutie!!!
Jolin 8 weeks!!
Jolin 8 weeks
Aslan 9 weeks he is still avalible for sale!!!
Aslan held by my 12 year old son!!They looked so nice together!!
Yoda 9 weeks old!!!He´s such a nice boy,talking a lot with a soft voice:)Love him!!He is still avalible!!!!!
Yoda again 9 weeks
Shady Lady 9 weeks!!!With Simon!!!
Shady Lady 9 weeks
Jolin 9 weeks with Simon!!Jolin is still Avalible ,for sale!!!She is Lovely !!Purrr!!!
Jolin sitting on her but!!9 weeks
Aslan almost 12 weeks!!
Aslan again he has very good red colour ,very darkblue eyes"Chineese"..good chin..Very long tail body and legs..Good fur,big ears but they are high set..Otherwise he would be purrrrrrfect!!!
Yoda almost 12 weeks!!!Sweet lovely boy He is nice ..He´s got bigger eyes then Aslan,a little bit shorter nose but nice profile and forehead,good chin..Strong legs..quite long tail.Good fur nice colour a litte bit lighter than Aslan.He has his ears a little bit wider appart..He is a talker..But yet his voice isn´t that strong..
Yoda almost 12 weeks
Shady Lady soon 12 weeks!!
Jolin soon 12 weeks
Jolin is very qute!!She is purring all the time..!!She has good fur,long tail!!Dark blue eyes,a bit big eyes..not so strong profile yet..Good chin..And nice colour!!Overall she is beutiful with no difects!!
Jolin soon 12week
Shady Lady!!!We got this picture by mail from her new family!!!So qute!!!!14/9-08 5 month old!!!!Hope she will be able to mate TC later!!!!!!!!